Monday, October 20, 2008

Lazy Night

I'm suppose to cook tonight but smart-s Joe forgot to bring the meat out to defrost, so when I got home, I got nothing to cook with. So we ended up eating out :) which is good, no cleaning, no cooking. hehe..

We went to The Moon in Northbridge to have our dinner. Normally we would order steak, but today, we decided to order something different.

Entre - Calamari
(fried calamari, fries, salad & dip)

Mains to share - Arrabiata Penne
(Italian sausage, mushroom, kalamata olive, chilli, napoli sauce)

Cappricciosa Pizza
(bacon, ham, kalamata olive, mushroom, anchovy)

Everything was good and tasty except for the Cappricciosa Pizza, the taste of the anchovies was over powering , a little bit too salty. But it was one good tasting pizza. :)

You can visit their website too! It's very cool.

After dinner, we went for a short walk and...

we ended up playing pool at Pot black. Joe and I love to play pool. Joe is very good at it. In order for me to win a game, I must be very @#$%# lucky that day. haha.

After 3 games of pool, we took a short walk again..

then we ended up in the Brass Monkey Pub.

We both order a pint of beer ( Well, mine's a glass)
Joe had Little Creatures and I had Pure Blonde as usual.
Enjoying the beer in the pub while the cool breeze blowing towards us~ really nice because it was quite warm today..

We didn't stay too long as I need to work tomorrow and Joe was feeling a little tired from his assignments. So we headed home at about 10.30pm.

We saw this photo on our way out. Brass Monkey Pub adopted a pet in The Perth Zoo! How cute~I want to adopt a hippo!

These are the shots that were taken by us while we were waiting for our food....

Taken by me: Joe the Scary Psycho :P

Taken by Joe: Me acting cute ^_^

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