Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I want to be a Genie

I always think that Genie is awesome.

She can grant you wishes. She can help you whenever you needed to.
She got nice body & pretty face. She can do whatever she wants.
She can make everybody happy!

I want to be a Genie!!!!


ching∞ said...

To make your wish come, you can become my genie.. and please grant my following wishes:

1. Josh Duhamel as my husband
2. Make sure Josh Duhamel is the riches

Just make sure those two wishes come true then my millions of wishes will come true. heh!

oh oh last wish:
my family members all happy and healthy!

thank you hor, genie wey.

ching∞ said...

eh, why your genie kepala macam buah buahan? :p new trend ka?

Jo Serwey said...

i duno why my genie got fruit on her head la ahahah.. i grab it from net :P

and if im the genie.. I will give you anybody u want in the earth!! or even alien if you want hahahaha
*Josh Duhamel is taken by Fergie. choose another one please.

ching∞ said...

Dear genie..

please make fergie disappear, as if Josh duhamel never met her in his life and i'm his one and only love.

thank you.


Jo Serwey said...

P/S: This Genie is still on training. She is incapable to grant your wish as her power is limited.

Please try again later.

Franz Werner said...