Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homemade Korean Food by my Korean Friends

I went to visit Racheal, Claire and Josh after my Japanese lesson today. Surprisingly, thier house is quite near to Joe's. Probably about 15mins from Joe's.

I called Racheal and ask if they wanna have a drink. But Claire needs to stay at home and study for her exam, so I ended up in thier house disturbing them and had a good meal cooked by Claire.

This is Cabbage Kimchi.

Pan-fried Seaweed with salt and sesame oil.

Claire's favourite soup. Dried fish with radish soup.

This 4 dishes is just for me!

Claire made this kiwi juice! It's very refreshing and yummy! She said its good for digestion hehe

They prepared everything just for me! I feel so bad but so happy at the same time! I had a great time with them talking, making fun, bitching and talking nonsense! Relaxing night! I will make the chinese style of cooking and invite them over and have dinner next time. Gona have a big feast!

Korean food is good. Good for our diet!

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