Monday, October 6, 2008

Dinner @ Seoul BBQ, Albany Hwy, Vic Park

Yesterday, we had Korean BBQ celebrating Nathan's farewell at Vic Park.
I never been there before, it was my first time. It was quite a big place and surprisingly they have a private room! ( Perth's restaurant don't normally have private rooms, rarely)

This private room is rather special! It has a big huge thick metal door!

This photo was taken from the inside of the private room. Look at the thickness of the door!
Well, I believe this place was a bank before. Very obvious i know hehe

This is the buffet table. They have variety of food. Meats, seafood, vegetable ( 1 whole tray of kimchee~~~yumm) big pot of steam rice, different kinds of chillies..and 5 kinds of prepared food.

This is how it looks like in the private room. There's 2 tables in there. We took the other table.
It's very nice inside but when it comes to seating... it was a painful experience.. we have to sit like sitting on the floor because there's no a empty space below the table. I have to kneel-sitting the entire dinner.

Every table will have 2 bbq plates, and 2 steamboat pans. The service is fast and friendly.

While we are waiting for other people to arrive, we saw this painting on the wall...

This painting.. is very DISTURBING!!! LOOK!!! the woman is showing her breast to the doctor and what is the kid doing there?!?!? Grabbing boobs!!! wat the hell painting is this! and why isit here in this restaurant, in front of us!? Wierdosssss....

After the 15mins wait, we are all very hungry because of the smell of the BBQ.. we all rush out and grab as much food as we can like we never eaten before~!

Rating for Seoul BBQ.. Excellent!

Just in case Vic Park is too far, their main store is in northbridge on William St ( next to Hans cafe) That place is abit small, but everything is the same :)

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