Friday, October 17, 2008

Dinner @ Momiji, Belgravia Ave, Belmont

After work, I got home and went online to the eatingwa site and searched for new place to have my dinner. I was craving for Japanese food, so I just did a fast search on Japanese cuisine and found Momiji which just around the corner from where Joe and me lived.

It's wasn't a fancy restaurant, just a small shop in a quiet neighbourhood.

This is their opening hours.

This is how it looks like on the inside. It was very simple and clean. The boss and his staff were very friendly. Joe and I were talking about the boss while we were having our meal. He is a very loud person with the nicest smile on the face! When you hear him talk, he will makes you think that he is arguing, but if you look at his expression, he actually has a big smile on his face. He is such a funny person! He is cool man!

This is the menu. The price for the food is not expensive at all.

I was taking photos of the shop at the counter while Joe was ordering then the boss came out
suddenly and asked me whether I owned a shop as well! At first I thought I heard it wrongly but I didn't! I think the reason he was asking was probably because he thought I wanted to imitate the style of the shop or something. Funny.

Joe ordered Tori Katsu-Don

It tasted very nice! To be honest, it was better than the one we ate in Koto.

The Katsu-Don came with a bowl of Miso soup and a plate of salad.
The Miso soup had onions in it~! I have never tried miso soup that had onions in it. I didn't know why but probably it's their style of cooking. It tasted quite alright.

I ordered an entre sized Tataki Beef for myself and shared a plate of freshly made-on-the-spot Sushi with Joe.

Surprised why I ordered so little food for myself? It wasn't because I was on diet.. I just wasn't that hungry at that time. I had a late lunch.

The plate of Sushi was so fresh and well presented. For that price, it was really good.
We really enjoyed it there and it was a quite surprised that the food they served was good and tasty. We will definitely going back soon!

After dinner, we passed by this computer shop and saw this notice that was stuck on the window.

Wow, it was indirectly saying "You lazy farts, go read your own bloody manual and don't come to us and stoopid questions". Good one.

We had a short walk to our car and then headed to the city for a long walk :P

While we were in the city, I passed by Amano and got attracted by these lovely cookies. They looked so beautiful!

I bought 3 different flavours from the shelf.

They're all in my stomach now :) It's turning into a nice lump of faeces soon.

Of course.. walking includes shopping :)

I bought a bath robe for myself from Bath, Bed & Table at a discounted price.

and a Rattan Chest box from Crazy Clarks. It was a bargain! $40 for this big box!

A place for my soft toys and bed sheets :) and for me to sit on hehe..


Anonymous said...

Hi jo jo

This is Claire,

I am going to try Momiji tonight with my friends..

I'll let you know how it is...

You've done really well on your Blog. I love it.

See you!

Anonymous said...

Jo Jo ---<--@

Momiji is quite good.
Now i am so full.
We orderd many dishes as 30pics sush, Tempula udon, Okonomiyai, Vegi tempura, green tea, and ~~Udon.

The price is reasonable and Udon's noodle is tasty and soup is yummy.

Thank you so much and I might visit your blog quite often, I think...haha ^^

Good night!

Jo Serwey said...

good claire! cheap and good rite? haha i love momiji :P

Paige Tucker said...

I would love to have same dinner with my friends that is looking so exotic to me. I am intended to know about such places where we are sure to get many new things to try eaten.