Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dinner @ Foundry at Westfield Carousel.

Thursday night is late night shopping for the suburbs area. So, I suggested to go to Westfield Carousel to have dinner at Fast Eddy then shop after that. When we arrived, Joe changed his mind, he said lets go Foundry instead. A place that we both always wanted to go but we didn't. So, we went!

It was a nice place to have dinner and chill out. Foundry is a restaurant and pub. During the weekend, they will have live band performance. The service was excellent. They were very friendly and efficient. I feel a very warm welcome from a lady staff there. I don't know what's her name, but she was very nice!

This was the menu they gave us, which was specials of the day. The price was alright for a place like this.

Good atmosphere, interesting deco, a comfortable place to dine in.

This was our table number and it was freaking heavy!

We both ordered beer. Yeap, the big one was mine(too big for me). I ordered Pure blonde (low in carb beer)and Kilkenny for Joe.

This is just part of the deco, a mannequin with the word Foundry on top of my seat. This is so cool.

Then we saw this funny poster on the wall. A cow saying "Order the Chicken". How cute is that?

The food came. Joe's T-bone Steak topped with spinach and yummy crispy-on-the-outside-soft-in-the-inside chips. Really good, trust me.

My Dukkah Kangaroo steak with steamed salad. It was spicy but damn good.
After our delicious main meals, we decided to order dessert although we are quite full.

Joe ordered Baked choc cheesecake with ice cream & cream.

I ordred Mocha Gateaux with Icecream without Cream.
I was happily snapping pictures until I found this!!!!

Mouldy shit on my CAKE!!!!! 0_0

Thank god I haven't touch the cake yet, or else... Don't know what will happen to me! I told the waitress and her reaction was.. "OMG!!" Her reaction is even more serious than mine! haha she was funny. She took it away and came back and apologies for the cake.

She gave me hot choc on the house because of the cake. and she knows that I surely won't want to have another piece of cake!

I feel good because I didn't show them the angry face. I was in the happy mood! Well, come to think of it, it's not her fault anyway, so.. no point for me to be angry at a person who doesn't know anything. I myself worked as a waitress before. I know how was it like to be scolded by customers when it was not your fault. I learnt to be more forgiving, calm, and be thoughtful for other people. Which is something good for me, because I'm a bad-tempered person. >:)

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