Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Woke up early today for no reason and feeling great! Went out to the backyard with karzan(he had to pee) to have some fresh air.

It's such a beautiful weather that it makes me feel like taking photos!

Look at the sky... the clouds look so light it was swirling around the sky because of the wind.

Then I was experimenting my camera, again. :)

I read from one of the photography websites, saying "JPEG is a lossy format, RAW is leads to a lossless format."

So I'd tried! It was a big difference. Raw image was so much better! But the only down side for using RAW was you need a software to convert the pic and not all cameras support raw formats and may offer reduced functionality when using raw. Then I snap snap snap more pics as usual to see the difference.

Then my day become more beautiful after I recieved a sms from my Best friend Yeeling.
She is pregnant!! 3 months!! :D I'm so happy for her!

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