Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lunchie~ for tomorrow~

My lunchie for tomorrow~~~
Salad with Goma sauce
Chicken Chop with Peri peri sauce

I wanna have it now!!!!

Unusually usual -Ausglish

As usual, I woke up-toilet-wash my face-brush my teeth-comb my hair-change my clothes-online for abit-eat my breakfast-grab my bag-fill up my tumbler-start my car and off to work. Nothing special. Occasionally I will do some sit-ups. But not today, whole body aching like hell.

Driving and singing at the same time and was looking around, and I saw this.

Yeap, nothing special. A normal shop, selling crystals and beads.

But look at it carefully.... (ignore my dirty window)

50% off SATERDAY! Is that the 8th day of the week?? Wow!
This is just hilarious!!! To tell you the truth, this sign board has been there for days!! When I saw it the first day while I drove passed the shop, never thought that I would see it again today! The funny part is the shop is located right opposite the primary school (Orrong Road). Where parents, children and teachers will be everyday.

Just wondering why nobody bother to let them know it was spelled incorrectly? Or maybe the owner can't be bothered to repaint the whole damn thing again. After all, It's just one letter E.

Poor kids, they are looking at this sign board everyday before and after school. Wonder if that silly sign board confuse the kids successfully. Will they be spelling Friday as Fryday? Monday as Manday? That will be so cool!! We can anyhow spell anything in our Wey! Kool right??

Oh, I bought this today at Coles supermarket.

Fellelo Leceh~
I wonder if they sell it in Malaysia.. Well, this is my first time trying it. It's yum!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


MSN conversation with my college friend.

[ - DJ Layzr - ] : u like totoro?
Me : Totoro? not a fan. but cute. Why?
[ - DJ Layzr - ] : -totoro wallpaper

Me: Thats farking cool la!
[ - DJ Layzr - ] : O_O you like it?!
Me : Damn nice la wei
[ - DJ Layzr- ] : I tot you will be like "yer" or something

Lesson of the Day: Disappointment does happen. Try harder. :) hehehe

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A loooonnggg day....

I had a long day of work today.. I was not feeling well because I had my period pain and didn't have enough sleep. (bloody daylight saving)

From morning till afternoon I was feeling uncomfortable. It's not painful, but I just had the feeling that something was very wrong with my stomach. I really wondered why. I didn't use to have this period pain when I was in Malaysia. It started only when I came to Australia. Is it the weather or the food? Oh well, painkillers solved my problem :)

Omg.. I'm listening to S.H.E.'s new album now.. I don't know what are they singing at all. It makes no sense(the first few songs)! I think I prefer the first few albums.. (Just in case you are wondering who S.H.E. was, they are singers from Taiwan) I Love to sing their songs in karaoke. Miss the times in Redbox.

Anyway, what do you look forward to after a long day of work?

Yeap, a good and delicious dinner.

My dinner: Butterfly pork chop, hash brown and a side salad.

Very healthy hey! okay.. ignore the hash brown. hehe. Joe cooked the dinner for me today. He did a good job on the pork chop. Very tender and the taste was not too strong at all, I don't know what spices or herbs he used, but it tasted good!! He knows I'm on a diet, so he used less oil and pan fried it. Then he steamed some brocolli for me as well. The brocolli wasn't too soft or crunchy. Just the way I like it. Yum..

Damn.. tomorrow need to workout.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My lunch for tomorrow~

My lunch for tomorrow is Ramen bolognaise, cut up tomato & cucumber and my just-in-case-i'm-hungry container of strawberries.

You must be wondering why ramen? Because I run out of pasta, thats why. Can't be bothered to go out and buy the pasta so I have ramen instead! and It tasted the same! ahhahaha.. and the good thing is.. ramen is 98% fat free! So, works for me! guilt free meal :)

Let me introduce my new friend~ Kao Cha Hao Lebbit the strawberry pick!

Kao Cha Hao = x ( look at ther mouth - the cross mouth- in cantonese)

Healthy Lunch Bento

This is my bento lunch tomorrow~
Lunch-Lettuce Gourmet, cucumber lebenese, tomato and Pork Meatballs with Goma Salad sauce.
Tea time-Strawberries and rockmelon.

I finally used my cute lil animal picks, sauce container and flower cutter~!
They look so cute~

Let me introduce to you my fellow animals...

This is Sun Wu Hong~ the cucumber picker :P

This is chompchomp the Giraffe.

Yum~~~want some?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Qualified Genie

Who wants to make a wish? *wiggle*wiggle*nosey*

Absolut Awesome

My Absolut Vodka Collection.
Thanks to Frances, she got me the limited edition of Absolut Masquerade this morning from Singapore Airport.

This is my first bottle of Collection. Absolut Disco. I bought it months ago.

Now I got 2 Absoluts in my room~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brooke's Birthday

Today is Brooke's Big Day~ She bought us mudcake from Michel's Patisserie.
I know it sounded weird, birthday girl bought the cake. Well, this is our tradition. That person will buy cake for everyone on their birthday. Just an excuse for us to have fun I guess, because we are hardworking people~! haha.


Brooke is cutting the cake~ couldn't find any candles in the office :P sorry Brooke.

Brooke received flowers from someone today~~ Guess who it was ?? DJ! Her loving partner!

and these gorgeous earrings are from Ron and Jen~

She looked so happy when she got the flowers~ smiling all the way.. can't even see her eyes~

Happy Birthday Brooke!!!! Don't get too drunk tonight!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homemade Korean Food by my Korean Friends

I went to visit Racheal, Claire and Josh after my Japanese lesson today. Surprisingly, thier house is quite near to Joe's. Probably about 15mins from Joe's.

I called Racheal and ask if they wanna have a drink. But Claire needs to stay at home and study for her exam, so I ended up in thier house disturbing them and had a good meal cooked by Claire.

This is Cabbage Kimchi.

Pan-fried Seaweed with salt and sesame oil.

Claire's favourite soup. Dried fish with radish soup.

This 4 dishes is just for me!

Claire made this kiwi juice! It's very refreshing and yummy! She said its good for digestion hehe

They prepared everything just for me! I feel so bad but so happy at the same time! I had a great time with them talking, making fun, bitching and talking nonsense! Relaxing night! I will make the chinese style of cooking and invite them over and have dinner next time. Gona have a big feast!

Korean food is good. Good for our diet!

I want to be a Genie

I always think that Genie is awesome.

She can grant you wishes. She can help you whenever you needed to.
She got nice body & pretty face. She can do whatever she wants.
She can make everybody happy!

I want to be a Genie!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lazy Night

I'm suppose to cook tonight but smart-s Joe forgot to bring the meat out to defrost, so when I got home, I got nothing to cook with. So we ended up eating out :) which is good, no cleaning, no cooking. hehe..

We went to The Moon in Northbridge to have our dinner. Normally we would order steak, but today, we decided to order something different.

Entre - Calamari
(fried calamari, fries, salad & dip)

Mains to share - Arrabiata Penne
(Italian sausage, mushroom, kalamata olive, chilli, napoli sauce)

Cappricciosa Pizza
(bacon, ham, kalamata olive, mushroom, anchovy)

Everything was good and tasty except for the Cappricciosa Pizza, the taste of the anchovies was over powering , a little bit too salty. But it was one good tasting pizza. :)

You can visit their website too! It's very cool.

After dinner, we went for a short walk and...

we ended up playing pool at Pot black. Joe and I love to play pool. Joe is very good at it. In order for me to win a game, I must be very @#$%# lucky that day. haha.

After 3 games of pool, we took a short walk again..

then we ended up in the Brass Monkey Pub.

We both order a pint of beer ( Well, mine's a glass)
Joe had Little Creatures and I had Pure Blonde as usual.
Enjoying the beer in the pub while the cool breeze blowing towards us~ really nice because it was quite warm today..

We didn't stay too long as I need to work tomorrow and Joe was feeling a little tired from his assignments. So we headed home at about 10.30pm.

We saw this photo on our way out. Brass Monkey Pub adopted a pet in The Perth Zoo! How cute~I want to adopt a hippo!

These are the shots that were taken by us while we were waiting for our food....

Taken by me: Joe the Scary Psycho :P

Taken by Joe: Me acting cute ^_^

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dinner-Mommy's Pai Kuat, My Favourite

Joe and I had home-cook hawker style dinner.

I bake the chicken wing~

Joe stir-fry the Kang-kung belacan,

and my favourite Pai Kuat!!! I call it black black sauce Pork Rib!
My mom used to cook this at home, but I don't get to eat it as often now because I'm in Perth. So, I asked my mom for the recipe and i cooked it at home! It tasted so good!!!! Joe loves it too! yum~~~

Sunday Morning - Random Photos took from the backyard

My Room!!!

I spent the whole day rearranging & cleaning my room today. Had the carpet cleaned, changed the bedsheet, clean my closet a little, clear my junks, vacuum and mop!

This is how my room look like now using wide lens.

Now my room looked different^_^ I love my room~

I'm so F@*#ing tired!