Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What if..

I was driving to have body check up.. while I was at the traffic lights at the corner of Loftus st and Hay st ( near subiaco), I saw a child ( quite tall) hugging his mom( wearing office wear) so tight and at first i thought.. wow.. how old are you man..?

Then i looked again.. It was outside the children's hospital. The kid that i talked about.. actually had some kind of sickness.. he was tall, but very skinny. The way he hug... was actually half leaning on his mom.. leg is not straight but slightly crooked..

Even though i was in the car across the street, i felt that the kid didn't want to go into the hospital at all. Although his mum kept asking him to.

Then suddenly, the kid fainted! Oh my god!! I really wanted to help them but i couldn't! My car was on the road and if i really went, i would have to cross a busy road! I can't do anything but stare.

His mom couldn't hold onto him for long, she gently laid him down onto the floor next to the busy road..

The traffic lights turned green, I had to go.. I hope he is alright and will get well soon.

* I am really glad that both me and my family are all healthy. We must keep ourselves healthy, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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Unknown said...

shitz... it's things like these that really make me wanna cry... i feel really bad for these people and it's hard for me to look at them... and i don't know how i'd cope if i was in that situation... again, it's things like these that makes us reflect about how lucky we are.......... hope the kid and mom is okay too...