Sunday, September 28, 2008

Perth Royal Show

Yeap! I went to Perth Royal Show! This is the 4th time I've been there. Somehow I always ended up there although I tell myself not to go there so soon. Once a year, same thing everytime.. okay rite? hehe..

This time is slightly different because I got Free entry ticket instead of paying $22 :)
(Thanks to Quokka hehe)

Perth Royal Show only runs once a year for 1 week during the WA school holidays.
There have Rides, show bags, animal shows, games, and discounted items.

It is a very huge place and you can actually stay there for the whole day.
I was there from 2:30pm to 9:30pm and my legs hurt like hell! It was too tiring!!!

I didn't take part in any of the rides because I'm a timid lil gal.. and to be honest, the rides are too expensive. $10 per ride.

Yesterday's weather was not bad at all. Although it was a little bit chilly, but i thought it was just nice.

My friends and I were just walking around and looking for games to play. Actually we were looking for easy winning games.. cuz we want to get those BIG HUGE SOFT TOYS heheeh..

While we were all walking, I saw this! Basketball game... then i look at the soft toys.. oooo.. quite big.. So, I went up to the guy and ask him, how much is the game. He said. $5 for 3 balls.
1 ball in - 1 medium size toy. 2-3 balls in - 1 big soft toy

I paid and played. But I only got 1 ball in. So i get this GORILLA! I quite like it ahhaha very funny looking Gorilla. (Maybe next time i will get a big one hehehe)

We went for the dog show too. There were so many kinds of dogs and they were all very obedient! I love dogs...

This is the Haunted House Monster. He is one scary Monster! but when i look closely.. this monster is wearing leather shoes and jeans =_= what a modern monster he is! Pity the guy inside, must be very smelly haha

This is the most useless money-eater-machine ever!
This is what you do. Put a dollar in, press the female or male button and just wait till the machine randomly pick a word from there. Luckily i din waste my 1 buck.

Actually the machine is quite smart, it could tell that one of my frens (you know who you are) was frigid~! :)

Around 7pm, all of us were feeling really hungry and tired after walking around non-stop for a few hours. So we decided to sit down and have some food to regain our energy.
We got ourselves 2 spuds. 1 coleslaw spud and 1 hawaiian spud.

In case you're wondering what that black powder on the left spud is, the frigid woman was trying to pepper her spud unsuccessfully. Good one!

It's not bad, but very costly. $9 bucks for 1 bloody spud.
We spent quite a lot on food but all very little. 2 spuds $18, fries $4 (damn small), and 1 cotton floss candy $4.50! Unbelievable! Bloody Royal Show.
No choice, we have to eat!

After our expensive dinner, we sat down on the oval to wait for fireworks. Then i saw this weird head lying on the grass about 10m away from me. WHAT THE! WARE WOLF!
Damn cool! I like this Mask! but.. I wouldn't wear it hehe..

and finally... after the long wait.. the Fireworks Began..

The fireworks lasted bout nearly 10mins i think.. It was very beautiful.
The fireworks were synchronized with the music and the last song was by Andre Bocelli & Sarah Brightman "Time to say goodbye". It is a very nice song.

After the fireworks, we all head home with bags and bags of stuff happily~~~ ^_^

Brand: Lily Whyt

These are the dresses that I bought from the Royal Show. It was a bargain! $10 each!
I bought it with a risk. I couldn't try them because they didn't have a fitting room there. But luckily they fitted nicely on me hehe.. Good job ay! I love the dresses! Can't wait til summer!

These were the things that i bought and won. There are more (dog treats for Karzan & some freebies) can't be bothered to put it for taking the photo.

Love the Royal Show!


Paige Tucker said...

I am enjoying visiting this place literally every single time because there is always something new at such places. The best thing that I like about this place that you are going with all the family.

Paige Tucker said...

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