Friday, September 5, 2008


Open my one and only expensive durian just now!!!!!

My heart was beating excitedly~~~ waiting to see the yellow juicy durian gao flavor taste...

Look at the colour of the flesh~ my saliva is rushing out in my mouth!

mmmmmm....... durian~ the love of my life..

* I miss malaysia durian more, cuz i get to eat with my family and whisky although my brother hates it heheeh.. just like to gek him hahaha
Qoute from my brother when he step into the house. <<- Who eat durian!!!!! >: ( ->>

1 comment:

ching∞ said...

No No.. koko's reaction the moment he stepped into the house "aiyer! who bought durians!!!"
hahahahahahahaha!! yes we all love to "gek" him! ;)