Monday, September 8, 2008

Noble Rise Bread Design

I went to IGA supermarket on my 15mins break. Need to stock up some groceries. I went to the bread section looking for a nice fresh loaf of bread! ( Who am i kidding right.. breads are all the same ahhahah) Until i saw this!
The design!! So nice!!! So different!! So Organic-food like!!

Why isit so appealing??
1st is The packaging: A combination of Plastic and Paper

I think this is a brilliant idea. The paper actually helps to absorb some of the moisture from the bread which keeps it dry.

2nd is The Design: It is so different from other bread packaging. It is appealing, in a way that you can see through and get to see the texture of the bread. While other brands are just full of colours and probably one small tiny part for you to peep the bread inside.

Of course, nice design comes with a price. Normal price is about $4.30 i think. But it's on Special now in IGA this week. It's around $3.50.

I made tuna sandwich with it just now. There's Gourmet lettuce, low fat cheese, some margarine, and tuna with jap mayo. yummmmmmmmm.......... thats my lunch for tomorrow.

SEE !!! Can you feel HEALTHY-NESS by just looking at it? hehehe ;)


ching∞ said...

you can actually talk about packaging in ONE post. geng lor you :p so let me know if the bread is tat great tomorrow! hehehe!

Anonymous said...

By the way you really like bread hor. I used to got influence by my ex-colleague and fell a short infatuation with Hungry Jack but now... I cooked pasta most of the time. And yes I put on weight :S