Monday, September 8, 2008

Japanese Learning Lesson - 2 に (ni)

Konnichiwa!!! Gawd i wish i can speak jap!!!

Ok let's see what am i gona revise today..

hmm... Ok, let's do self-introduction!! ii??

Firstly, lets start with polite greeting before you introduce yourself.

How do you do - Hajimemashite

Nice meeting you - doozo yoroshiku

I - watashi

you - anata (not commonly used if you know the listener's name. Surname followed by SAN is usually used.

is/am/are - desu

Name - namae

What - Nan / nani

? - ka
Now we can form a sentence !!

•Hajimemashite. Namae wa Wey desu. Doozo yoroshiku.
How do you do. My name is Wey. Nice to meet you.

•Onamae wa nan desu ka
what is your name

• Anata wa Toyota san desu ka
Are you Mr Toyota?

• Iie, Toyota wa ja arimasen
No, i'm not Mr Toyota

•Hai, Soo desu
Yes, I am.

That's all for today!! Ganbate ne!!!

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