Sunday, September 7, 2008

Japanese Learning Lesson - 1 いち (ichi)

I'm currently a beginner in learning japanese language at Tafe Central, Perth. It's not bad at all! haha.. I love my teacher and fun friends there. Although Japanese is a not-so-easy language to learn, but I am determine to do it!

To help myself to remember and to whom that is interested in japanese, I will post up what I've learnt in the past few weeks by chapter :)

There are a few Japanese Writing Systems:

Kanji - 日本 ( chinese characters )

Hiragana - にほん ( Phonetic syllabic script ) approved characters for general use

Katakana - ニホン ( Phonetic syllabic script ) non-chinese loanwords, onomatopoeia, emphasize words, and the names of flora and fauna.

Roomaji - Nihon ( Romanised version of written Japanese )

I've only learnt Japanese (Nihongo にほんご) in Hiragana with Roomaji.

So Let's start!

Basic Expressions

Ohayo Gozaimasu - Good Morning
おはよぅ ご ざ い ます

Konnichiwa - Good Afternoon / Hello
こん に ち わ

Konbanwa - Good evening
こん ばん わ

Jamata - See you
じゃ また

Sayonara - Good Bye
さ よ な ら

Oyasumi nasai - Good Night
お や す み な さい

Sumimasen - Excuse me/ Sorry/ Thank you
す み ま せん

Wakarimasen - I do not understand
わ か り ま せん

Now.. you can go to Japan ahhaha kidding. Thats all for today! Gambate masu!!! Easy isn't it?

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