Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flower from the backyard

Joe's house has different kinds of tree at the backyard.
There's apple tree, orange tree, peach trees, plum trees and a few others that I don't really remember. His dad loves doing gardening last time, but he couldn't take care of the garden anymore after he had problem with his health and legs.

Well, I always wanted to get rid of these trees because nobody water them, and during summer, the trees are just look dead. no leaves, no fruits and no flowers at all! It just feel like a trashy backyard.

But, Spring has come. The trees start to blossom. I saw lil flowers growing out from the dried skinny branches... I couldn't believe it at first! It was so beautiful when I first saw it! I was so excited and start snapping pictures of the flowers!! I took tons of photos of the flowers. I wish I have the photography skills to take good photos.

When I first saw the flowers.. It reminds me of Chinese New Year! The fake flowers that my family used to decorate in our living room during chinese new year! and we will hang CNY's decorations, ang paos, red tiny ribbons on it. Oh.. i miss that moment.. me and my sister will think of ideas to decorate the house. Normally, my mom will ask me to think of an idea on decorating the house, but my sister will always ended up doing it, because I can't think of any idea hahaha..and I'm just toooo lazy :P

Look!!! Isn't it the flower that we have it at home, je?? My gawd~~ I wanna bring it home and decorate it during CNY! hahaha

I never know that flowers can cheer me up that much! Kirei!

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