Saturday, September 6, 2008

Farewell lunch @Sebastian Vic Park

Yesterday, I went to Sebastians for Yvonne's Farewell.
It wasn't a pleasant place to go.

Firstly, they set up 20 seats for us, but its so squissy. We had to ask them to add one extra table to make it spacious.

We waited for 20mins but none of the waitress bother to take drinks order. (Luckily we pre-order our meal) The waitresses were happily chatting while we are staring at them.

Food came before the drinks.

My fish came. Look alright until i took a bite. It's tough. Batter was alright. Salad..

Yeap, I found these dried & half dead leaves... hiding in my salad!!!! I just lose all my appetite.

I'm sorry, but I'm not really happy with my food and the services. It was good when the first time i went there. The service just keep dropping! Although me and my colleagues agree that this place sucks.. but somehow.. we just kept goin there if there's any farewell lunch. because it is right opposite my work place. Oh well, what can i do right!?!?

Just eat only la!

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John T said...

My partner and I both had a seafood marinara. It was one of the worse, all pasta and spot the seafood. No fish pieces, three overcooked mussels, one soggy prawn. To add insult to injury even the pasta was overcooked. It's a shame, this used to be a good eatery.

Jo Serwey said...

That's sad isn't it John, such good location but the service is just disappointing! I havent been back for nearly 2 years now..
Surprisingly their business is still doing well!