Friday, September 12, 2008

Dinner @ Hawker's Cuisine, Northbridge

Alright, I have to blog about the events of the past few days because I didn't get the chance to blog. I have to Blog!!!

Pardon me, it's all gonna be about food.

Date: Wednesday, 10 Sept 08, 8pm @ Hawker's Cuisine

I had a great and fun dinner with a long-time-no-see friend, えつこ. It's great to see her!! I brought her to Hawker's Cuisine, to try Malaysian Chinese Food which i love the most. This place is the best in Perth for Malaysian food. Although the portions are quite small, it's just worth going to that place after eating the food there. Awesome.

I ordered teh-c for her. She loved it! This is her 1st time trying it.

I had Milo peng. Haha. Don't ask me why.

As for the dishes, I ordered Ham yu Fa lam bou. ( salted fish with pork belly) This is my super fav. Although malaysia ones are better.. but this is not too bad at all!

Wat tan hor. She said she wants Keuy teow. So I ordered this. My fav too :) Hor Fan with egg sauce. I personally think that this dish is not as good. Oh, if you like egg sauce kind of noodle, order water prawns noodle. its f$%^& good. Of cuz, price is f$#%^$& good too. Hey, worth it.

Last but not least, BUTTER AWESOME PRAWN. ok, its butter prawn. My mom used to cook this at home and i missssss it soooo much! I've tried cooking this, but failed. No cooking skill is like that wan laaa

Sorry for the photos.. Its all yellowish. Due to the night light plus i'm using my hp to take all these photos.. and i'm lazy to photoshop it. So hehehehe... gomenasai ne!

We talked and laughed while we were eating. Which is a bad thing to do, because we laughed and talked too much, the air all went into our stomach and filled us up.. and you know what that will do to us right... Yeaps! we cant's finish our food cuz too full! We had to tapao :)

It's fun to be with a foreigner. We learnt alot from each other, it's just great fun. We did language exchange that night. I'm eager to learn Jap, and she is eager to learn mandarin and cantonese at the same time(this is just impossible and she was so confused after that) So we taught each other languages the whole damn night. This is good, I didn't bitch at all! ahhaha Joking la.. i don't bitch anyway :P

After dinner, we went to Utopia to chill out. Had bubble tea and Giam Giam (my family wey of saying preserved plum) I bought the Sweet and dark juicy plum, and she got her japanese style of plum! Well, the one she got was candy.

I've tried one, it's like SOUR mannn... but after a while, it tasted like Nano Nano candy. Remember that? I used to eat that every week when i was young.

Speaking about Nano Nano... my cousin Eileen...she just cracks me up everytime i see her. I still remember, when i'm young, very young, probably kindergarten, I used to stay with my cousins Evan and Eileen for fun for a few days. That time, Eileen is still a baby, maybe 1 year old? not too sure, too young to remember hehe. Well, that time she loves singing! very cute. The way she sings.. It's just one word. Awesome. You know why?It's because no matter what songs that comes out from her mouth, the lyrics will became Nano~ Nano~ ~~ Nano Nanoooo~~~ happily dancing around the house and nanoo~~ all the way.

Well, now i know the advertisements for the candy Nano Nano is a success. Even my 1 year old cousin was singing it! Bravo Eileen. ( she is 18 now :) she will kill me when she reads this. )

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Anonymous said...

wow really?! I don't remember you staying with Evan and Eileen? and Eileen sings?! Gosh.. I only remembered that she CRIED A LOT! You touch her, she cries! You talk to her, she cries again! She was like a super 'ham pao por" la.. you ada ingat salah ka? :p:p

[oh yes, when eileen reads this she's gonna kill me too!]

Wey, that's way Eileen loves the Ho sisters so much! hahahahahaha!

Jo Serwey said...

I made her cry even more when there's one time i try to scare her when she's crying. hehehe

I told her, if you cry sommore, i will call the scary aunty. She will lock you up in a box! It's dark and scary inside..

Then she cry even louder. Shit. It's fun heheheh but now.. i kena from her la ahhaha