Thursday, September 18, 2008

Creative Packaging Design

Japanese is just awesome in so many ways. With just instant noodles, they can come up something like this, it is really amazing. Practical. Let me explain why..

I bought this Instant Yakisoba from a Jap shop in the city called MARUYU. It's a tiny shop with lotsa Jap daily use products. Bought facial mask as well hehe.

This is the Instructions from the package. I can't really read the jap, luckily I can guess from kanji and thank god there's pictures for the instructions!!

This is quite huge for instant noodle. I can't even finish it!
There are 2 different corners for different usage. One side is for pouring hot water in, and the other corner is for draining the water out.
Of course, I din't know til i open it :P but i'm smart enough to tear in the right way.

This is the other corner for you to drain of the hot water away.

It's cool isn't it???

Tadaa, my yakisoba~ oh, that's japanese mayo on top.

Itadakimasu~~~~ ^_^

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