Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chocolate factory & Winery @ Swan Valley

2 months ago, we had a fun 1 day tour around Swan Valley. We went to Chocolate factory, Winery and Whitemans Park (I love this place).

The Chocolate Factory that we went to is not really a factory, it looks like a chocolate shop more like it. But there are FULL OF CHOCS! CHOC HEAVEN! Too bad, Im not really a chocolate fan.

There's choc chips, Choc milk, Choc snacks, Choc on everything!!!

Look at these chocs... mmmm.... yum yum.. not cheap though but worth trying.
After choc site-seeing, we were just walking around the factory. The scenery was just excellent.
Although its abit wet (btw it's winter 2 months ago) but the air is just soooo fresh!

Greens everywhere, nice cool weather, enjoying the chocs that I bought..
Ahhh.... This is what I call life... heheeh ok cut the crap.

While we were just walking around, I saw Cows!!! reminds me of my dad :P so i thought.. why
not take a few pics of the cows and show papa! Was happily snapping away then suddenly the cow just stare at us, not moving. Then, guess what happen......

The bloody cow pee-ed in front of us!!!! Such nice greetings from them -_-
Okay, better let them pee in peace... We head off to the "dead" winery across the road.

There's nothing to see... Plants were all dead and dried up! There's free wine tasting but we can't be bothered to.. nothing fantastic.

Was bored.. so i took some pictures, playing around with my camera.. I haven't fully explore on my camera yet.. but soon.. hehehe soon to be a good photographer :)

After the winery, we head off to Whitemans Park. I love it there because I get to touch the animals!!! so cuteeeeeeeeeee... alright.. that will be the part 2.
Tired d.. Oyasumi~

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