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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Andrea Brocelli

Perth Royal Show

Yeap! I went to Perth Royal Show! This is the 4th time I've been there. Somehow I always ended up there although I tell myself not to go there so soon. Once a year, same thing everytime.. okay rite? hehe..

This time is slightly different because I got Free entry ticket instead of paying $22 :)
(Thanks to Quokka hehe)

Perth Royal Show only runs once a year for 1 week during the WA school holidays.
There have Rides, show bags, animal shows, games, and discounted items.

It is a very huge place and you can actually stay there for the whole day.
I was there from 2:30pm to 9:30pm and my legs hurt like hell! It was too tiring!!!

I didn't take part in any of the rides because I'm a timid lil gal.. and to be honest, the rides are too expensive. $10 per ride.

Yesterday's weather was not bad at all. Although it was a little bit chilly, but i thought it was just nice.

My friends and I were just walking around and looking for games to play. Actually we were looking for easy winning games.. cuz we want to get those BIG HUGE SOFT TOYS heheeh..

While we were all walking, I saw this! Basketball game... then i look at the soft toys.. oooo.. quite big.. So, I went up to the guy and ask him, how much is the game. He said. $5 for 3 balls.
1 ball in - 1 medium size toy. 2-3 balls in - 1 big soft toy

I paid and played. But I only got 1 ball in. So i get this GORILLA! I quite like it ahhaha very funny looking Gorilla. (Maybe next time i will get a big one hehehe)

We went for the dog show too. There were so many kinds of dogs and they were all very obedient! I love dogs...

This is the Haunted House Monster. He is one scary Monster! but when i look closely.. this monster is wearing leather shoes and jeans =_= what a modern monster he is! Pity the guy inside, must be very smelly haha

This is the most useless money-eater-machine ever!
This is what you do. Put a dollar in, press the female or male button and just wait till the machine randomly pick a word from there. Luckily i din waste my 1 buck.

Actually the machine is quite smart, it could tell that one of my frens (you know who you are) was frigid~! :)

Around 7pm, all of us were feeling really hungry and tired after walking around non-stop for a few hours. So we decided to sit down and have some food to regain our energy.
We got ourselves 2 spuds. 1 coleslaw spud and 1 hawaiian spud.

In case you're wondering what that black powder on the left spud is, the frigid woman was trying to pepper her spud unsuccessfully. Good one!

It's not bad, but very costly. $9 bucks for 1 bloody spud.
We spent quite a lot on food but all very little. 2 spuds $18, fries $4 (damn small), and 1 cotton floss candy $4.50! Unbelievable! Bloody Royal Show.
No choice, we have to eat!

After our expensive dinner, we sat down on the oval to wait for fireworks. Then i saw this weird head lying on the grass about 10m away from me. WHAT THE! WARE WOLF!
Damn cool! I like this Mask! but.. I wouldn't wear it hehe..

and finally... after the long wait.. the Fireworks Began..

The fireworks lasted bout nearly 10mins i think.. It was very beautiful.
The fireworks were synchronized with the music and the last song was by Andre Bocelli & Sarah Brightman "Time to say goodbye". It is a very nice song.

After the fireworks, we all head home with bags and bags of stuff happily~~~ ^_^

Brand: Lily Whyt

These are the dresses that I bought from the Royal Show. It was a bargain! $10 each!
I bought it with a risk. I couldn't try them because they didn't have a fitting room there. But luckily they fitted nicely on me hehe.. Good job ay! I love the dresses! Can't wait til summer!

These were the things that i bought and won. There are more (dog treats for Karzan & some freebies) can't be bothered to put it for taking the photo.

Love the Royal Show!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My 1st Homemade Cock Cock Rice!!!

I cooked Chicken Rice Today!!!!! It's my first time! I always thought it would be very difficult, but after cooking it, I find that its not difficult at all! It's just that there are a lot of things to do.. hehe

This is the 1.5kg chicken. In the Spa right now... hmm....^_^

This is the chopped Garlic and Chilli with a lil sugar and vinegar. HOT HOT HOT ;)

Here is the sexy chicken after her spa treatment. Dip in the icy cold water to have firmer skin~
then rub on sesame oil for skin treatment~~~

While the chicken was enjoying the treatment, I went on serving my second customer, which is the chicken's bf, the butter-ginger Rice.

First, I had the pot ready with butter and garlic.

Then, the Rice went in and I tossed it around and covered it with butter and garlic until it was golden.

Then the Rice will go into the rice cooker with a few scoops of chicken stock and had a spa treatment till it was nice and fluffy~~
I gave her a special offer, I put in the pandan leaves for extra flavour.. his gf is gona love him!

It's serving time!!!! I chopped up the Chicken and cucumber. Sorry, I'm in love with the chicken, so i murdered her! Just joking.. hehe..

Here is my chicken rice!! There's cabbage soup, chilli sauce, kailan with oyster sauce, and my plate of chicken rice!!!

I even tapao it for my lunch tomorrow!!!

Chicken rice ANYONE???

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pyjama Themed Party

I went to Cecile pyjamas birthday party Last Saturday.
It was great fun. I was kinda in the mood to be the photographer of the day! Taking photos and video non stop!

Cecile's house have this empty living room space and she had this brilliant idea of making the room to a bedroom studio. It was awesome. Everybody enjoyed it. Good job Cecile.

Cecile's Fruit Salad Bowl

Me and Joe arrived early to help out in the kitchen. I should say i'm just helping them to eat heheeh...

This is Kristy, Me and Cecile Pretending Stand Sleeping.
and yeah.. i know I look abit yeong sui.. I purposely did it heeheheh *drool~*

I love this photo the most... the colour, the feeling,.. the angle...just right.

Amazingly, I took all these photos by myself by using timer. I can be the director and the model at the same time ahahahah

I took heaps of "sleeping" photos, then it makes me realised.... I love studio photography!
I like seeing the smile on their faces when they look the photos. I like to suggest funny or nice poses to make the photo look lively. I like capturing the natural moments. I like to look back at those pictures that I've taken randomly and sometimes in those photos, I can see hidden message, mixed feelings from them, or I can see what they are actually thinking. It sounds creepy, but it's not really. The feeling is amazing..

Happy birthday to you, birthday girl :)


Thinking why this girl can have blog about durian again huh... heheheeh

D24 durian mannnn and a product of MALASIA (click on the image :P )
New country heheheeh

This Durian is really better than the one i bought from woolworths heheheh..
^_^ mmmm......D24...... X| do not look at the price.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My new Pyjamas

Tomorrow is Cecile's birthday. She's having a Pyjamas birthday party at her house.

I don't want to embarrass myself with my old PJs.. So.. I bought a new pair! hehehe

My shirt says Night Owl~

Kawaii dayo!

No Comment!

I was reading a blog of kawaii-not.



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flower from the backyard

Joe's house has different kinds of tree at the backyard.
There's apple tree, orange tree, peach trees, plum trees and a few others that I don't really remember. His dad loves doing gardening last time, but he couldn't take care of the garden anymore after he had problem with his health and legs.

Well, I always wanted to get rid of these trees because nobody water them, and during summer, the trees are just look dead. no leaves, no fruits and no flowers at all! It just feel like a trashy backyard.

But, Spring has come. The trees start to blossom. I saw lil flowers growing out from the dried skinny branches... I couldn't believe it at first! It was so beautiful when I first saw it! I was so excited and start snapping pictures of the flowers!! I took tons of photos of the flowers. I wish I have the photography skills to take good photos.

When I first saw the flowers.. It reminds me of Chinese New Year! The fake flowers that my family used to decorate in our living room during chinese new year! and we will hang CNY's decorations, ang paos, red tiny ribbons on it. Oh.. i miss that moment.. me and my sister will think of ideas to decorate the house. Normally, my mom will ask me to think of an idea on decorating the house, but my sister will always ended up doing it, because I can't think of any idea hahaha..and I'm just toooo lazy :P

Look!!! Isn't it the flower that we have it at home, je?? My gawd~~ I wanna bring it home and decorate it during CNY! hahaha

I never know that flowers can cheer me up that much! Kirei!

Creative Packaging Design

Japanese is just awesome in so many ways. With just instant noodles, they can come up something like this, it is really amazing. Practical. Let me explain why..

I bought this Instant Yakisoba from a Jap shop in the city called MARUYU. It's a tiny shop with lotsa Jap daily use products. Bought facial mask as well hehe.

This is the Instructions from the package. I can't really read the jap, luckily I can guess from kanji and thank god there's pictures for the instructions!!

This is quite huge for instant noodle. I can't even finish it!
There are 2 different corners for different usage. One side is for pouring hot water in, and the other corner is for draining the water out.
Of course, I din't know til i open it :P but i'm smart enough to tear in the right way.

This is the other corner for you to drain of the hot water away.

It's cool isn't it???

Tadaa, my yakisoba~ oh, that's japanese mayo on top.

Itadakimasu~~~~ ^_^

Monday, September 15, 2008


Mooncake Festival.

Weather: Windy and cold
Sky: Full Moon

Lanterns: 6 lanterns. 1 Burnt. (Frances's 1st attempt)
Candles: 1 packet only. Still have half a packet left.

Time: 30minutes
Place: Backyard

Conclusion: I Love Malaysia's weather.
(I can't even light up 3 candles at 1 time and stick it on the floor because its too windy! Nabeh.)