Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday morning

I slept over at my cousin's house yesterday night, cuz she wants me to help her on making tiramisu cake for her fren's birthday. I did not sleep well cuz its freaking cold!!!

We had a busy morning but very nice. We went to pole, then we head off to east perth, thought of trying this place call munch terrace, but unfortunately they don't open on saturday lunch time. how sad. so we had english breakfast! we went to the next door shop call manhattan. I think its run by asians. I ordered manhattan breakfast, and eileen had egg something.

Manhattan Breakfast

Egg something. Its very rich and yummy!!!

The place is comfortable. We like it.

Just a random shot. I love my G9.

After a big yummy breakfast, we went to city hunting for gifts.
While we are walking, we got lotsa nice scenes :)

hot scenes..


the Piano man. Freaking fast!! -=- the Aboriginal music i guess. Its really good. very relaxing.

Musical scenes

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Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, it's called EGG BENEDICT :p