Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RSPCA cup cake day

On Monday (2 days ago) it was the RSPCA cupcake day.
Its a fundraising thingy in
schools, workplaces and social groups with batches of yummy homemade cupcakes to sell. 100% of the proceeds will go to the RSPCA.

It's a fun process and a lil bit stress while making it, cuz what if i screw it up? what if it taste like whole lump of sugar? but anyway, i have to finish it, and sell it!

Well, i made 24 cupcakes. Took about 14 cupcakes to my work place and try to sell it. >_<

Judy is my 1st customer! She is very sweet, she bought 4 cupcakes from me~ 2.50 each. then brooke bought 1-$3, tony bought 1-$1.80, annette bought 3-$5, so i made about $19.80!

the rest of the cupcakes, i gave it away, cuz my department only have 6people on monday including me. other department already have tons of people making cupcakes to sell. and im lazy to ask around too :P

Well, i feel good after i donate the money away hehe.. although its just $19.80!!

*my cupcake taste very good after chilling it heheheeheh very yummy!!!


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