Sunday, August 17, 2008

Panchos Night

10 of us when to have dinner at the Panchos at Vic Park. It's a nice place!
( need to book 1 week or 2 in advance )

Ariba Ande leh Ande leh eeba ~

The food there is wonderful, atmosfere is unique, and now i know why my colleagues says that becareful on drinks (alcohol). In that place, you feel like drinking, and you will keep ordering! its because they put a slice of lemon in the beer.. :) So that you wont really feel you are drinking alot of it. Clever.. :)

The Taco Salad



Steak with Prawns

My Taco Beef Salad


Fish & Rice

This is on the ceiling someone drew on it.
It's Ass Hole with fart.
Makes me hungry -_-

Sorry, I don't know what the name of the dishes.. Because its all in mexican!

Panchos Villa Mexican on Urbanspoon

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