Saturday, August 9, 2008


Today is a non stop day for me. I know its good to be busy, but this is just keep happening!!! abit not use to it. There, my timetable.

8am: wake up+ prepare to go for dance

9am: My car have screeching sound when im halfway to dance class.

9.10am: Joe come and rescue me. I drove his car to dance class, and he waited for RAC to come and fix my car. (So nice!!!! i feel bad the whole time i was dancing) no choice, cuz i've paid.

9:20am: At Dance

10:20am: Drove home

10.40am: Hanging out my clothes to dry

11am: out to northbridge

11.20am: pool

11.50am: Lunch - Dimsum

1pm: Groceries shopping

3pm: Head to belmont forum, buy more groceries

3.30pm: Got home and go out again to belmont forum to buy soccer ball and basket ball.

4pm: Walk to soccer field to play soccer.

6pm: Walk home

6.30pm: shower

7:15pm Out to cinnamon for dinner

10pm: Home, then scrabble

12am: I stop playin scrabble cuz i NEED SOME REST!!! joe and his mom is still playing =_=

and now im blogging.. damn freeaaking tired!

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