Saturday, August 9, 2008

sports day

Joe and I suddenly into sports! So we went to Belmont forum to buy ball for ourselves.
Joe bought a soccer ball. and i bot basketball :P
I said, to be fair, we play each every other week. Cuz i dun play soccer, but joe need somebody to play with. and Joe dun play basketball, but i need somebody to play with. haha

So we played soccer today.. gawd im shit at it. cant even kick the ball properly!!!! when i kick it, i feel like my leg gona fly out with the ball!!!!

Then there's this little boy ( 7 yr old) came and play with us, he is so much better than me hehe i'm shit. i think he is from africa? not too sure. but he is cute lil boy to play with.

I think i have to go shower!!! gotto go dinner soon. Cinnamon Park in Vic Park. will post up some food pics later, Ciaoz!

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