Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday Dinner @ home

Joe is chef of the day~ He is a cook! A better cook than me! ahahhahah

Dong Bo Rou

He Lurves cooking.. and alllllwaaaayyyysss says that he is a better cook than me. Well, i agree, cuz he dares to explore, and chuck everything in!!! ( thats wat he does last time, but after my nagging, He is WELL TRAINED CHEF ) hahahahaha

Tomyum Chicken

He took the whole day .. erm.. maybe not.. well, he started cooking since 1pm.. because need to do marinations, boiling, frying, steaming ( just the dong po rou). That dish is a killer! but hey, taste sooooo good.

Sambal Prawn

He even make the sambal himself! and its spicy! yum! Hope he cooks everyday.. so i can just EAT AND ENJOY ahhahahaha


Anonymous said...

aiyer, tak habis-habis cakap pasal Joe.. make sure he comes here and cook for us! watashi wa tabetai ne!

Jo Serwey said...

i din tok bout joe alot la... hahaha i got say ME indirectly too ahhahaha din get it from the blog rite ahahah