Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dinner @ Royal Seafood Restaurant, Northbridge

We went to have dinner at Royal Seafood Restaurant just now, because Steven wants to eat snow crab. He's been craving it for days.... Poor thing.

We had a good time enjoying the food. They serve soup (carrot clear soup) as starters.

Then here comes our snow crab... huge....

Thats mine :) Its call Hong Kong Bay Style snow crab. It has like dried garlic, onions, chillis, and dried prawn i guess to stir fry with the crab. It's really good.

This is the Abalone Mushroom with Kailan. Quite nice, not oily at all.

Sorry.. wrong angle for the this.. the fish look like strangle by someone. No choice man.. because the waitress is cutting up the fish and serving it.
This is Steam Fish with spring onion and ginger. Very Fresh!

This is Garlic Butter Prawn dish. Not so Impressive like it sounds.. but the prawn is cooked just right. I hate over cooked prawns.
I remember once i was with my dad in some kinda lunch with some people when i was very young. I got myself a prawn, took a bite, and then i straight pass it to my daddy and says the prawn is weird. My dad took a bite, he says nothing wrong with it. Then when i grow older, I realise the prawn is weird because it is over cooked. Wow, I feel i am really picky on my prawns when im young!! That is just weird!!!

This is the vinegar-chilli sauce Chicken. Quite nice and very tasty.

I think i LOVE seafood. I miss LALA~~~~ BELACAN LALA~~~

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