Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner at Munch Terrace, East Perth

On Friday night, joe's family and i went to Munch Terrace in East Perth.
Its a small shop but quite alot of people order food from them. Reasonable price.

This is just the 1 side of the menu with the address.

Click on the picture to have a bigger image
This is the opening hour for munch terrace. I took it because i couldn't find the opening hours online anywhere. So i thought taking a photo of it might be a good idea. ( No bookings i guess, cuz its like hawkers food. )

This is what we ordered.

Minch pork with vermicelli noodle for joe and frances

My fav hokkien mee. ( miss the thick yellow noodle)

Special fried chicken that is not so special and abit hairy 0_0

Joe's mom's char kuey teow

Entree : Satay Chicken (6sticks for 10 bucks)
In my country, Its like RM0.60cents per stick!!!

Longan dessert, yummy! i love dessert

Overall, the food is tasty, reasonable price, it's abit small portion but its a good thing, cuz u get to order some entre and some other kinds of food to share. Just nice i guess.

I miss malaysian food.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Hippo girl,

Changed management.
The new owners cannot cook Malaysia/Singapore food properly.