Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dinner at Cinnamon on the park, Vic Park

Today's dinner is Indian Food. Yeaps! curries, chilles, and yummies~
It's been a long time since i ate KA LI PHENG... cuz i don't really it indian food when im young.

This Place is really good. Food, service, and ambience. Really great.
The boss/waiter, (i don't know) he is INDIAN, and can speak Cantonese!!! and he is from KL too! such a small world yea! He kept telling me.. yea.. "ngak guai lou" hahaha but i told him, "hou hou mei" , kenot "ngak" me.. heheeh. feel like im in malaysia again. So nice.

This place is crowded.

The service is prompt. Right after we sat down, about 1 min later, they serve us parpadum with 2 kinds of sauce. i don't know what sauce is that, but it really goes well with the parpadum! really good.
This is what we ordered.

Entree: The Kebab Platter. Its nice. Juicy and Tender.

Chicken Rogan Josh

Goan Fish Curry. Hot!

Lamb Dish

Dhal with lentil, spinich and green peas. Yuck.

Garlic Naan

Special of the day: Lamb Chop Masala
This is super good!


While eating, I notice something bout Joe's rice.

Joe's plate of rice -=- The Original Basmati Rice

Notice Joe's plate of rice is in orangy red?? Thats because he mix all kinds of curry gravy together in his rice!!! the lamb curry, the lentil curry, the chicken rogan josh, Fish curry. Gosh.. That's a new dish man! What do u call it?? the LLCF Curry Rice.


After the dinner full of curries. This is what I get in scrabble.

Yeap, tomorrow I think I will have burnt ass.

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Anonymous said...

wey, try order Palak Paneer next time when you go for northern indian food. It's spinach with goat cheese. I love chicken tikka too! when you come back next year I'll take you to try some northern indian food!

Scott said...

I had the Goan Fish Curry 2 nights ago, and it was too hot to taste anything other than heat for heats sake.
Not fit for consumption and a rediculous example of what Indian food is about. Zero flavour...just searing heat.