Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alice Suprise Birthday Party

Alice is a Hong Kong girl who born on Malaysia Merdeka Day.
I suddenly came up with this idea and with the help of Mira, throw her a surprise birthday party!
It's a simple party with pizzas, salad, chicken wings, and DRINKS.... ahhahahaha

When we are on the way there, I told joe, our objective today is to make Alice drunk. hahahahah..
and guess what! We succeeded and she is totally gone!!!
Let's say she not really a good drinker, but she is very sporting! better than me! Who ever that cheers with her and ask her to bottoms up, she did it! although i can see she doesn't really wants to.
Of cuz sporting end up no good for her. apparently she didn't get a good sleep because she keep throwing up! and the worst thing is she had to work at 8am in the morning the next day :P

Sorry Alice, that's my way of a Surprise Birthday Party hahahaahah.. Hope you enjoy it.
Hope you will have a better life Tomorrow, start a new life :)

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