Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dinner @ Royal Seafood Restaurant, Northbridge

We went to have dinner at Royal Seafood Restaurant just now, because Steven wants to eat snow crab. He's been craving it for days.... Poor thing.

We had a good time enjoying the food. They serve soup (carrot clear soup) as starters.

Then here comes our snow crab... huge....

Thats mine :) Its call Hong Kong Bay Style snow crab. It has like dried garlic, onions, chillis, and dried prawn i guess to stir fry with the crab. It's really good.

This is the Abalone Mushroom with Kailan. Quite nice, not oily at all.

Sorry.. wrong angle for the this.. the fish look like strangle by someone. No choice man.. because the waitress is cutting up the fish and serving it.
This is Steam Fish with spring onion and ginger. Very Fresh!

This is Garlic Butter Prawn dish. Not so Impressive like it sounds.. but the prawn is cooked just right. I hate over cooked prawns.
I remember once i was with my dad in some kinda lunch with some people when i was very young. I got myself a prawn, took a bite, and then i straight pass it to my daddy and says the prawn is weird. My dad took a bite, he says nothing wrong with it. Then when i grow older, I realise the prawn is weird because it is over cooked. Wow, I feel i am really picky on my prawns when im young!! That is just weird!!!

This is the vinegar-chilli sauce Chicken. Quite nice and very tasty.

I think i LOVE seafood. I miss LALA~~~~ BELACAN LALA~~~

A short shopping in the city

I bought a black jacket today!!!

Went out for lunch with alice and cecile. After lunch, we just walk around the city. Cecile wants to look for a dress for her graduation ball, Alice wants to buy the korean soya bean paste, while me.. just plain window shopping. :)

Yeap, unsuccessful window shopping because i bought a jacket!!! but i'm happy hehehe this can go with alot of my dresses and its cheap!

Like my jacket??? :)

My Little Photo Studio

I finally got everything for my mini studio!!!
A tripod, mini studio with 2 powerful spotlight, and of course with my G9.

Mini studio and tripod is from if you are interested.

Now, just waiting for this idiot who owns all this to be a good photograher -_-

Flowers from the garden

I was in my room, writing blog. Suddenly Joe came into my room and gave me flowers! Small tiny winy flowers.
He plucked it from the backyard. From the grass. Even smaller than my thumb.

So, it leads me to take photo. Trying to be artistic.. but I don't know how!!! trying with different functions and stuffs..
Some day ok! Some day i will be good at it!

Alice Suprise Birthday Party

Alice is a Hong Kong girl who born on Malaysia Merdeka Day.
I suddenly came up with this idea and with the help of Mira, throw her a surprise birthday party!
It's a simple party with pizzas, salad, chicken wings, and DRINKS.... ahhahahaha

When we are on the way there, I told joe, our objective today is to make Alice drunk. hahahahah..
and guess what! We succeeded and she is totally gone!!!
Let's say she not really a good drinker, but she is very sporting! better than me! Who ever that cheers with her and ask her to bottoms up, she did it! although i can see she doesn't really wants to.
Of cuz sporting end up no good for her. apparently she didn't get a good sleep because she keep throwing up! and the worst thing is she had to work at 8am in the morning the next day :P

Sorry Alice, that's my way of a Surprise Birthday Party hahahaahah.. Hope you enjoy it.
Hope you will have a better life Tomorrow, start a new life :)

Friday Dinner @ home

Joe is chef of the day~ He is a cook! A better cook than me! ahahhahah

Dong Bo Rou

He Lurves cooking.. and alllllwaaaayyyysss says that he is a better cook than me. Well, i agree, cuz he dares to explore, and chuck everything in!!! ( thats wat he does last time, but after my nagging, He is WELL TRAINED CHEF ) hahahahaha

Tomyum Chicken

He took the whole day .. erm.. maybe not.. well, he started cooking since 1pm.. because need to do marinations, boiling, frying, steaming ( just the dong po rou). That dish is a killer! but hey, taste sooooo good.

Sambal Prawn

He even make the sambal himself! and its spicy! yum! Hope he cooks everyday.. so i can just EAT AND ENJOY ahhahahaha

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Manga Cook Book

How cute is that!!!!! I am sooooooo excited when Joe told me on the phone that the book has arrived!!!! I was working that time and i just cant wait to go home and see my book!

Yeap, that is mini cocktail sausages! lil octopus and squid... omg... it makes me wanna buy sausages now and make it now!!!!

Look at those things!!! its eggs!!! just use 2 black sesame and 1 tiny piece of carrot!~ and wooah lah! a lil chick!!!

I'm goin CRAZY!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1Litre of Tears

Just finish watching 1 litre of tears.. Its amazing, after watching it (make sure u have a measuring cup with you while you watch episode of it). You can actually have 1 Litre of tears after that!

A very touching, encouraging & sad drama. ICHIBAN.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My G9 + Photoshop

I was playing soccer and badminton with Joe at the backyard. Suddenly i look at the plants and the beautiful.... ok, getting my camera. hehe..

I'm a graphic designer that don't really know what design really is. (i know...shh!)
But.. I love making things pretty.. I love vibrant colours.. I love things that stands out!

Didn't know plants are growing in the backyard so beautifully.. probably spring is approaching.. Everything seems so colourful..

Karzan is not looking at the camera.. he is looking at the ball, hoping my camera can kick the ball high and far..

I'm just keep taking photos of everything, no matter what! I love taking photos.. random photos..

I know my photography skills sucks.. but.. i love to vibrant it up with my photoshop! There are so much things that you can do with it. Unbelievable.

I love my G9 and i want Photoshop CS3.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner @ Halu, Mt Hawthorn

This is not the 1st time i've been to Halu. Halu's food is always the best and delicious!
Please make reservation before you go there :)

Entree: Tofu and mustard sauce salad

Fried Cavember cheese. ( i don't know how to spell it!!)

Miso soup

Chicken Karaage ( Somehow i feel It's nicer and tastier the first time)

Teriyaki chicken

Dessert : Icecream with corn flakes and berries

Cream caramel

It is very delicious. Although the portion is very small, It's worth it to have a try.
Make a Reservation: 9444 0577

Oishi~~~~~ ^.^

Ha-Lu on Urbanspoon

I finally got Iphone


Destroy the bloody filthy animals!!!

It was a boring friday, my colleague Brooke receive an email from Ron, one of the reps from my work place, saying his container of lollies is gone! He emailed everybody saying that our office has a pest problem, a real big rat or seomthing has taken his lollies. Brooke was curious so she asked the other colleague who is in the same office as Ron. She told brooke that it was a prank from her and Peggy.

Well, Jen and peggy took the broken mascot from the basement and "beautify" it. Just to prank ron. poor ron hahaha. thats what they did to the poor "rat" who stole the lollies, just to SCARE ron. Good one!

Dinner at Munch Terrace, East Perth

On Friday night, joe's family and i went to Munch Terrace in East Perth.
Its a small shop but quite alot of people order food from them. Reasonable price.

This is just the 1 side of the menu with the address.

Click on the picture to have a bigger image
This is the opening hour for munch terrace. I took it because i couldn't find the opening hours online anywhere. So i thought taking a photo of it might be a good idea. ( No bookings i guess, cuz its like hawkers food. )

This is what we ordered.

Minch pork with vermicelli noodle for joe and frances

My fav hokkien mee. ( miss the thick yellow noodle)

Special fried chicken that is not so special and abit hairy 0_0

Joe's mom's char kuey teow

Entree : Satay Chicken (6sticks for 10 bucks)
In my country, Its like RM0.60cents per stick!!!

Longan dessert, yummy! i love dessert

Overall, the food is tasty, reasonable price, it's abit small portion but its a good thing, cuz u get to order some entre and some other kinds of food to share. Just nice i guess.

I miss malaysian food.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RSPCA cup cake day

On Monday (2 days ago) it was the RSPCA cupcake day.
Its a fundraising thingy in
schools, workplaces and social groups with batches of yummy homemade cupcakes to sell. 100% of the proceeds will go to the RSPCA.

It's a fun process and a lil bit stress while making it, cuz what if i screw it up? what if it taste like whole lump of sugar? but anyway, i have to finish it, and sell it!

Well, i made 24 cupcakes. Took about 14 cupcakes to my work place and try to sell it. >_<

Judy is my 1st customer! She is very sweet, she bought 4 cupcakes from me~ 2.50 each. then brooke bought 1-$3, tony bought 1-$1.80, annette bought 3-$5, so i made about $19.80!

the rest of the cupcakes, i gave it away, cuz my department only have 6people on monday including me. other department already have tons of people making cupcakes to sell. and im lazy to ask around too :P

Well, i feel good after i donate the money away hehe.. although its just $19.80!!

*my cupcake taste very good after chilling it heheheeheh very yummy!!!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Panchos Night

10 of us when to have dinner at the Panchos at Vic Park. It's a nice place!
( need to book 1 week or 2 in advance )

Ariba Ande leh Ande leh eeba ~

The food there is wonderful, atmosfere is unique, and now i know why my colleagues says that becareful on drinks (alcohol). In that place, you feel like drinking, and you will keep ordering! its because they put a slice of lemon in the beer.. :) So that you wont really feel you are drinking alot of it. Clever.. :)

The Taco Salad



Steak with Prawns

My Taco Beef Salad


Fish & Rice

This is on the ceiling someone drew on it.
It's Ass Hole with fart.
Makes me hungry -_-

Sorry, I don't know what the name of the dishes.. Because its all in mexican!

Panchos Villa Mexican on Urbanspoon