Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beau Est Mien, William St, Northbridge

Today, I found something really interesting in Northbridge! Well for me anyway haha

I passed by this shop while I was driving down William Street. It's a print and design shop named Beau Est Mien. As a ex graphic designer, my eyes instantly glued to the shop. I have to admit I am not a fantastic illustrator nor designer although I am a graphic designer lol.. like my mom said to me few days ago on the phone.. I have sent you to study graphic design for 5 years and now you are doing cakes!?  LOL.. yea mommy.. hehe... graphic design is not my thang anymoooooo...  

But!!! I am still in love with papers! I have a whole bucket of wrapping papers, stacks of coloured paper in my cupboard, photo paper, printing paper, crepe, glass whatever you name it! I have it all!! probably just not in every colour :P

I just think paper is the most versatile thing in the world! I can do so many things out of it. Good thing I studied design and I know how to use the software.. from that I can create basically everything! Especially for the parties that me and my friends have all these while.. paper and printer, I can make buntings, cards, menu, my takoyaki stall !

Anyway.. I wanted to let you know this shop that I found today!!

Just a few shops away from William Topp.

Shop name Beau Est Mien. Check out their website here.

Basically, Beau Est Mien is a print making studio and a shop selling Magali Dincher's designs.
Her stuff is quirky and creative, totally loving it! Go there and have a look!

They run workshops too and these are the workshops that are running now.

The one that I'm really interested in is the DIY Carved Stamp Workshop hehe
I will join this class one day..  :)

Go check it out if you are after some quirky design, DIY stamp pouch, invites or even just wrapping paper that I got one myself!

I've picked a cute and dreamy one.

Thought some of you might be interested to have a birthday party there!
I thought.. hens party would be great too if you are those who don't drink and party.  ;)

Click to have a bigger view.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kitchen Warehouse Easter Cupcake Competition

Kitchen warehouse ran a Easter Cupcake Competition last week and I'm one of the contestant. 
I was pretty nervous for a few days, thinking of the ideas, the flavours, and the whole look for my cupcakes. I think I have put too much pressure on myself and made a little wrong judgement on the cupcake hehe ops!

Anyway, here are the contestants cupcake entries! They all look amazing!

Here are some of the cute cupcakes..

This is my creation for this competition. 
A little girl wearing bunny ears and holding a bunny toy, along with a basket of easter eggs, hot cross buns and chicks on cupcakes.

I've made smore's cupcakes! Smores is an American thing which is Graham Crackers sandwiched chocolate and marshmellow. So what i did was grinding up the graham crackers and baked it into cupcakes, put the ganache in the middle and made marshmellow cream to put on top then torched it. 

The wrong choice that I made was adding a small piece of the graham cracker before topping the marshmellow cream. I didn't think that the cracker would become soft.. hence no more crunch and made the cupcake a bit dry too. :(

Yep after saying all these, that means I didn't win.. hahahaha.. but i was really close! Missing by 0.5 points to the winner. 

Here is the winner! 
Sugar spun on top! I love sugar spun.. it just add the classiness to it. 
Congrats Clarrisa!

The popular Sandy from Sandy's Cake and her daughter was the judges and they were there to demonstrates cupcakes basket. This encourages everyone to bake something and be creative! 

My cupcakes were all gone in 20 minutes and I have no refills. ops!! 

It was good fun joining this competition. Giving myself pressure to think of something different and be creative. The most important thing is "Be yourself and have your own style".  ;)


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Easy Steam Bun Recipe

Craving for buns suddenly and have no buns at home!!! What should I do???
Make them!!!

Sweet Potato Bun(Make 4)

80g      Sweet Potato
1 tbsp   Sugar

100g     Cake Flour
1 tbsp   Sugar
1/2 tsp  Baking powder
1/4 tsp  Vanilla essence/extract
100ml   Water ( don't think you are going to use all)

Peel the skin and cut the sweet potato into pieces (smaller for easy boiling) until it's cooked. Drained.
Add sugar and you can either mash it or blitz it using blender. I mash it :)
Divide into 4, roll them into balls and set a side.

For the buns, put all ingredients except water into a big bowl, add water a little at a time and mix it well by hand until it forms a dough. Test by feeling it, should be like earlobe.

Divide into 4.
Lightly floured the bench and roll 1 piece of dough make it to round and flat. Put the filling in and pinch the ends around together so it forms a round ball. Cut baking paper into squares and place the buns on top.
Repeat for the rest.

Place them on a plate and steam it for 10 minutes.
Then Voila! You can eat them now!

hehe.. Easy?

Why do I make sweet potato as fillings... well because I made sweet potato truffle mash for dinner so I thought I would use some for bun fillings too hahaha so I don't have to get other ingredients :P
You can totally use Red Bean paste, I think it will taste much better :P
Joe's mom gonna make this into pork buns.. hahaha which I think it will work :P Let's see... hehe

Good luck!