Tuesday, September 20, 2016


*Just realised I wrote this post last year and didn't post it up! So there you go!
Have I show you my baby girl Bella Boo?

She is the best thing ever!

This is when I got her on the 7th Jun 2015. She was 1 year old that time.


Tiny little girl isn't she.

I never thought I would love a dog so much!!
I have dogs before but I never knew how to teach them or guide them. I just play with them whenever I like , like a toy. Which I feel so bad about now.

I remember when I was young, I really want a dog so badly, I kept disturbing my sister to go to the pet shop. nearly every weekend! She knows I really like the pups, so she got me a puppy. A very cute puppy. A yorkshire terrier. His name was Miki. He was my baby that time. Unfortunately, I left home and went to Perth to further my studies, and that was when Miki passed away due to a surgery.  :(

Anyway, back to Bella. I found her from Gumtree.


A family of 4 didn't have the time to take care of her and felt bad for her, so they decided to sell it to a better family who will have more time to be with her. *me me me!! *

So there you go! 

Bella has a nice bath and hair cut.

Bella sun tanning 

Bella waiting for me to open the durian. 

After a few weeks of training with me, she now knows around 30 commands. 
What a smart little girl! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Game of Thrones Birthday Party

Every year I will think of a theme for Joe's birthday and the latest theme (which is last year, yes.. I forgot to post haha) was Game of Throne theme! 

It was the best!!!
Look at a whole table of Game of Throne food!

It was a surprise birthday party for him but he sort of can guess days before because I was busy getting all the stuff ready! So since he knows a bit now.. I asked him which character he wanna be. He said he wants to be Robert Baratheon!

Guess what! I went to the Salvos, got a leather jacket that looks okay on him and did some alteration and look!!!  My paper cutting skills is not bad isn't it? hahaha Low cost costume, I love it!

I got all props secondhand and some handmade.

The Throne, the Poster and the candle stand is a must for the guests. hehe

What's exciting is I found the GOT House's logo online and I just download them, print them to the correct size, buy the alcohol and stick them! Took me days to do this but I love it!!!
Yep alcohol is a must for GOT and for Joe's party. Make sense yea.

Next is the most important part of the party... FOOD!!!
To be honest, because of this party, I watched all 4 season all in 2 weeks. It's madness. I was singing GOT theme song a few times a day and got so into it!! 

Haha back to the food topic. Internet is the best. I search and search and finally come up with my own GOT menu. I copied the name of the dish cuz I find it funny!

First up, Dragon Wings
Crispy Spicy Wings.

John Snow Pea.
Stir fry with pinenuts and garlic

The Unsullied.
Gingerbread man shape Sugar Cookie Coated with Chocolate

High Garden Lemon Cake
Sansa's favourite lemon cake

Onion Knight Dip
Homemade onion dip for the veggie sticks

Tyrion Imp Shrimp
Prawn Cocktail with thousand island

Oooo.... painful.....

A gift for Arya by her baker friend.
Hand cut sugar cookie Stark

The Royal Wedding Pigeon Pie
This is from Billy Law, check out how to make and recipe from his blog!
His one look way nicer hehehe

I made pasta bake as well, just incase there's not enough food. I think I do have a name for that dish but I forgot what it is.. ops!

My cousin came as Daenerys and look at her lil dragon pup! So cute!!!

Arya killed Jamie

White walkers

I accidentally broke white walkers head.. so it became a candle holder hahaha

Can you believe I got the gold gobblers from secondhand shop? Omg.. It is the best place to source party stuff!!! Although I have to go to the shop every week to find all these goodies. It was fun!

Happy birthday!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dreams that warned me

I had a weird dream today.

I was dreaming about going to a competition ..probably swimming? I can't remember.. 
I was driving and I was on a curve bridge road, bottom is the river. for some reason It was either I drove  a bit too fast or the road is too slippery,my car skidded, crash the fencing, me and the car just went down the river! It was pretty scary. Before my car sink, I managed to get out of the car and I was holding my phone. Try my best to swim to the shore and try to call Joe but it just won't work. in my dream the phone just couldn't  call out. 

I looked at my car, lucky enough it didn't sink but very close to the shore, so I quickly pull my car up.

next thing I know is I dream about totally different story.

I was with my trainer and another girl. my trainer (apparently is my swimming teacher) congrats me because I won a second place medal! but actually I didn't win it at all! I told my trainer that it's impossible it's mine because I was in a accident during that time and didn't make it. but we looked at the medal and thought so who's medal isit?

ding ding ding ding ding..

I woke up by my alarm.

Told joe about the story and he thinks that I just stressed over work or money.

Didn't think much about it and brought him to work. 

On my way back home at riverside drive..

I saw a construction hat on the road and thought .. Yea.. Shud be alright to just drive over it.

Guess what.. It got stuck under my car and making such a loud noise when I drive! No choice but to stop and try to get it out.

Used a stick and umbrella. Can't.

Called  Joe and roadside assistant. He is a bit too far and apparently I don't have it roadside assistant ! wanna cryyyyyyyyy

Then a guy from the other side of the road drove passed and asked me to drive forward and turn into the side road for safety.

Dragged the stupid construction hat underneath my car making so much noise and managed to turn in.

Got down the car and try to poke the hat out again. Honestly at that time.. I have used about 10mins to try poke it out as I couldn't reach it. Can't lie down cuz I'm wearing a dress.. Fml.. that 10 mins feels like an hour because I am at the main road freaking out.

So lucky ... A man drove passed me and asked if I'm okay. I told him what happened and he helped me to get the hat out. 

thank god have him during that time.. Got himself abit wet because had rained. 

the hat is out finally. Thank you so much for your help this morning! 

this is the hat that got stuck underneath my car.

Ironically it is from QTM Quality Traffic Management.
Well...... !!

So .... Does it relates to my dream? river and accident and no calling for help.

What a morning!